In the present era, Allah has gifted our motherland India  with a personality possessing qualities praise worthy, adorned with perfection, master of Godly personnels and most spiritually  elevated his highness Hazrat Baba Ehsanullah Khan Warsi. Indeed Holy Prophet SAW has affirmed such divinely learned souls as

عُلَمَاءُ اُمَّتِی کَاَنْبِيَاءِ بَنِی اِسْرَائِيْل
Ulumaa-e-ummati ka ambiya bani Israel
(Means: Scholars (divine scholars, Aulia-karaam) are like Prophets of bani - Israel lineage.
Early Years

The shooting star of warsi lineage namely, Hazrat Baba Ehsanullah Khan Warsi (RHA) came into being on Thursday, 24th September, 1925 at the time of Ishaa (night prayer) in the home of Hazrat Abdullah Khan Sahab (father) and the holy arms of Bibi Jameelunnisa (mother), in the village Balua of district Gorakhpur, UP.

Peer-o-murshid Hazrat Baba Ehsanullah Khan Warsi was celestial by birth & dearest to Allah. During his childhood days he was fond of being secluded, quiet and silent. The miracles which have been rendered by him in his early childhood are normally not seen in enlightened adult being too.

After completion of education, in 1946 Peer-o-Murshid came to Mumbai in search of job and joined Mumbai Municipal Corporation as “Teacher” and settled in Mumbai.

Since birth he was infatuated with Holy Prophet (SAW) and the under-said verse of holy Quran was as though chiseled in his heart,

لَّقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِى رَسُولِ ٱللَّهِ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ
Laqad kaana lakum fi rasool allah aswate husna
(Means: Life of Holy Prophet is best example for you)

which had made Holy Prophet, as an icon for each conduct of his life. He was staunch follower of Islamic rules to such an extent that his Murshid (Guru) too use to address him as Maulavi Sahab (a person abided by the Islamic rules, regulations & culture). He used to remain in a state of ablution constantly for 24 hours and never refrain himself from any of the daily namaz (5 time Prayers), as well, Tehjood (mid night prayer). namaze Chasht and Ishraque (dawn prayers). His punctuality for namaz was such noteworthy, that on his arrival to mosque (for prayers) people use to match time in their watches.

Initiation in Warsi Legacy

Though he was born wali (an enlightened soul) he was led to the path of spirituality by initiation from Hazrat Allahman Shah Warsi (RAH), a divine personality of warsi lineage. Hazrat Allahman Shah Warsi received initiation from Hazrat Siddique Shah Warsi & Siddique Shah Warsi in turn had received initiation from the pioneer of this lineage Hazrat Waris Ali Shah (RAH).

In the very first encounter with Hazrat Allahman Shah Warsi, Hazrat Baba Ehsanullah Khan Warsi had attained his initiation and during the process of initiation he could visualise his peer Hazrat Allahman Shah offering namaz in Kabatulla. It shows the desperation to seek Allah’s love was so intense that he could attained such a vision in the very first moment of his initiation which people are unable to achieve even after several years of hardship.

After initiation he paved through spiritual path very successfully and was crowned with the crown of “Kamil wilayat” (Completely enlightened).The almighty has adorned him with loads of divine wealth and exposed him to this world for the wellbeing of masses. Abiding by the commands of the Almighty he served the mankind for rest of his life.

His Journey to the Deccan Region

He was instructed by his Murshid to enlighten the deccan region which was economically, socially & educationally very backward. In addition Black magic was also a menace commonly practiced and performed in this particular region. As per the directions given by Murshid Allahman Shah Warsi Huzoor Peer-o-Murshid trailed village to village and spread spirituality among people till in the year 1978 he was ordered by almighty to purchase a place on a high altitude away from the buzz of the city. Hence he purchased the land on a Tekri (hill side) opposite to tomato market on Kadri road, tehsil Madnapalli of district Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh where currently Baba’s main trust is functional. This place is also blessed with Baba’s mosoleum. (Baba has Demise on 8th January 1996).

Every year on the 16th of Shabaan (his demise day according to Islamic months) after sunset people pay homage (qul-sharif) to peer-o-murshid not only at this destination but also at all other branch trusts. Thereafter from 22nd to 25th of January the annual Urs is celebrated. The last day of Urs i.e the 25th morning witnesses the hoisting of seven coloured flag of peer-o-murshid, the green flag of Holy Prophet (SAW) as well as the yellow flag of Waris Pak .The seven colours of his flag and their sequence are being revealed by the Almighty and it appears that each colour symbolizes the divine quality which is symbolic of the divine he power and he holds complete authority over these qualities.

The unusual vision observed by the visionaries shows his soul is absolutely enlightened and is endowed with all the colours of divinity and he posses all mystic powers. On close observation one can note that this was the noor-e-Mustafa (almighty light), when this light was placed in the forehead of Adam (AhS), he was entitled as best of the creatures (ashraful-makhlooque) and revered by the angels.

When the same noor had enlightened the soul of Holy Prophet SAW, he was enunciated as Rehmatullil-alamin and Imamul mursaleen. Thereafter when this noor enlightened Murshid’s soul, he was professed as Mehaboob-e- rehmatullilalamin (prophet’s beloved) Qasime-Khazane Elahi. (distributor of Allah’s wealth). Baba has enlightened the hearts of his disciples & has given the wealth of confidence that Allah is neither in Kabatullah (holy mosque) nor in qualisa (Church) but he resides only in the heart of human beings and people who have attained Godlihood, are his reflections.

He was the unified symbol of knowledge, wisdom & affection. Apart from these soul touching qualities he possessed an illuminous heart and profound eyes which beautified the souls of disciples. The amelioration of all these beautiful qualities had made his task of elevating human beings very easy.

His Preachings

Peer-o-murshid’s teachings are Sufi teachings meaning, man must cleanse his heart so that his soul elevates to a progressive soul in turn achieving closeness to God, and this is the goal of human life. In this regard he has instructed his disciples that every night before sleeping, they must keep a check on their speech & deeds and thank the almighty for good deeds so that they can avail more of such opportunities. In case of offensive deeds one must ask for pardon so that in future they remain safe. One must justify the duties they are offered to perform, at the same time they must live in harmony with the surroundings.

One must believe in omni presence of Allah, keep away from pride, discrimination, greed, badmouth and instead of finding faults in others, one must keep a check on oneself. He always insisted that one must improve oneself so that one can achieve his goal easily. His message to all is “Love is Imaan (faith in God)” because love is the cause of creation of this universe, one can even conquer the hearts of human beings with love and one can achieve divinity with Love.

His Sayings

For the welfare and correction of his disciples, Babajaan has given many sermons and showed the simple ways to become a good human being. Selective quotes from many of Babajaan’s sermons are given on a separate page.

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Peer-o-Murshid’s Mission for the Betterment of the Human Being

The secret of his greatness was hidden in his planning for betterment of human beings (Nizam-e-Islah).  He professed man to learn the lesson of humanity. The three fundamental principles in his planning for the betterment of human being are:

1) Instead of mere talking, one must practice doing it, because the effect of actions has more power to improvise.
2) Instead of direct preaching; preach through parables.
3) Rectify the situation before the problem arises.

He preached that since Allah has never differentiated between humans; as air, water and light is same for all; birth & death also is same for all, hence man too must learn this lesson and live with oneness or else one will never be able to achieve their goal which is “closeness to God”.

Human beings can be entitled as Allah’s descendant only if he accepts that all the creatures belong to God’s family.

The objective of his mission was to bring about oneness amongst all human beings; to make people realize and understand about “Holy Light (Noor-Allah), to abolish various religious discrimination and create feeling of patriotism.

When the human heart is enlightened with Allah’s love, only then man will have the capability to love others.

In India sufi’s have followed this path, as a result people of all believes visit their shrines and are being benefited spiritually as well as in their day to day life also.

For the sake of convenience of public of distant corners of India, Babajaan has established shrines in different states of India where daily thousands of people from different walks of life visit and are benefited spiritually as well worldly. The addresses of these shrines are given in contact page.

Babajaan is of the thought that Miracles are divine toys and Allah plays by offering such toy in the form of miraculous powers so one should refrain from showing off miracles. According to him following the prophet is the biggest miracle. Although sometimes for the betterment of the disciples he had to show his omni presence and hence no disciple can claim that he has not met with Babajaan, in other words Babajaan has proclaimed to every disciple that wherever mureed (follower) is, there is is peer or where ever is human there exists God.